Iowa, USA – December 23, 2010. FRC Internet Products, a pioneer in advanced wireless technology products and solutions, today announced the launch of its 5GHz suite of WiMAX products. This product suite caters to both the licensed and unlicensed frequency spectrums allowing wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) to deploy wireless high –speed broadband access networks.

FRC’s 5GHz suite (4.9-5.8GHz) of WiMAX products includes base stations, subscriber stations, Authentication Authorization and Accounting (AAA) server and Network Management System(NMS).

FRC’s base stations are among the smallest units in the world enabling easy handling and installation. FRC’s unique all-outdoor base station units allow an operator to install them directly on towers, rooftops, traffic poles, walls, etc. without the requirement of AC housing. FRC’s innovative and patented architecture, coupled with the convenience of easy installation and the absence of AC housing, makes it extremely easy and cost-effective for operators to install and manage networks, bringing down the operating expenditure and Capex by more than 50%. FRC has already deployed its nationwide and first 5.3GHz WiMAX in the Kingdom of Jordon.

With the launch of its 5GHz suite of WiMAX products, FRC’s base station units are one of the most economical base stations available in the market today. FRC also has a point-to-point backhaul solution in the unlicensed band available at very price scales. As wireless network deployment costs using FRC’s solutions are considerably lowered, deployment of such networks in sparsely populated areas becomes economically viable for any operator, further enabling broadband and telephony penetration to rural areas.

Dr. Ahmed Hady, CEO and founder of FRC, says “We believe that small-to-medium WISPs will contribute to bridging the digital divide in developing countries around the world. During our WiMAX product development, we focused on delivering the most value and economical base stations that would also be easy to deploy. This will allow WISPs to deploy wireless networks even in rural and remote geographies of emerging markets.”

FRC’s WiMAX network solution is managed with a scalable, robust and easy-to-configure AAA server and NMS. The implementation is based on the SNMP v2 protocol. They come as ideal solutions to deploy and manage the WiMAX network elements, whether an operator is deploying a new network, or developing an existing network.
Mohamed Raji, VP of FRC Global Operations, says “FRC’s unique architecture for base stations are based on 4G broadband wireless chipsets; which enables us to make high quality, high capacity for triple play, but very cost-effective network equipment.”

FRC’s product line is based on WiMAX standards IEEE 802.16-2005 for mobile networks. With FRC’s WiMAX product suite, service providers can focus on providing “completely managed” networks that will maximize revenues per subscriber, while reducing capital and operating expenditures. FRC’s base stations are modular delivering much-desired scalability to operators.

FRC was formed in 1993 with a vision to change the way wireless networks are deployed and to create products and solutions suitable for emerging markets. Currently, the company working on the rest of WiMAX Frequency portfolio including Base Stations & customer premise equipment, in the 2 GHz and 3 GHz ranges. FRC has already generated considerable interest from various operators and is now poised to trial its products with some partners in North America, Europe, South America and MENA region.
FRC is a principal member of the WiMAX Forum®.