• Filter Research Corp. (FL):Founded in 1977 by Dr. Ahmed M. El Mahdawy.
  • FRC Component Products, Inc. (IA):Founded by Rockwell Collins in 1977 as Collins Component Products; purchased by FRC in April 1993.
  • Chemical Technology, Inc:Founded in October 1992 in Florida; moved to Mason City, Iowa in October 1994.
  • FRC Electrical Industries, Inc.:Murray Hill, NJ factory acquired in August 1994.
  • Advanced Quality Moldes, S.A.:Portugal factory was initially founded in 1981 and acquired in September 1998.
  • FRC Internet Products, LLC. (FL):Newly formed in early 2004 to develop, manufacture and license WiFi and WiMAX products.
  • El-Sanabel for Industrial Development:Newly constructed facility in 2007 for R&D and manufacturing to support the Middle-East and North-Africa (MENA) region.
  • FRC APAC (Taiwan):R&D wireless development and program management branch. Launched in September 2008.
  • Zaga Networks (Dubai):Administrative support and program management branch for all broadband wireless equipment and services. Launched in November 2011.
  • FRC Medical Division:In May of 2020, just as the global COVID-19 pandemic was taking hold in the US, FRC made a strategic decision to invest in the development and manufacturing of protective equipment in both its US and overseas facilities. This venture is under the newly launched “FRCmedical” division with a plan in motion to produce millions of pieces/month for a range of products, such as face masks, face shields and other medical-related, personal safety items.
FRC Group Profile

FRC Group Profile

  • Ownership: Private (HQ in Gainesville, FL. USA)
  • No. of Years in Service: 35 years; since 1977
  • Product and Commodities: 10,000 part numbers