Company Background

We are a multi-national company with design and manufacturing locations in the United States and Egypt. Our diverse capabilities and years of experience provide our customers with unparalleled customer satisfaction and value. That’s why our customers – some of the largest companies in the world – repeatedly place their orders with us.

Our served industries include:

  • Custom Injection Molding
  • Cables Assemblies
  • Electromechanical & Subcontract Manufacturing

Our technical and experienced staff are constantly updating our technology to provide our customers with the highest quality products and shortest lead-times, all at surprisingly competitive costs. Whether your project needs are small batch or large volume production, El Sanabel will provide your company with consistently proven value and results.

El Sanabel for Industrial Development


El Sanabel for Industrial Development
Plot #26, Industrial Area #A6,
10th of Ramadan City, 44637, Egypt.

Contact Information

Name: Osama Mahrous
Phone: (+2) 015-412-623
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