Gainesville, Florida – February 21, 2012; FRC announced today that it is offering its 3.65GHz band, FCC certified, WiMAX products. The U.S. 3.65 GHz operators now have the ability to leverage the performance of an 802.16e solution with FRC MAX 3650, while benefiting from the economies of scale generated by the WiMAX ecosystem. FRC has been instrumental in developing and commercializing broadband wireless solutions for various market segments for more than 10 years.

FRC is proud to announce that it now has the most extensive 802.162 WiMAX product line in the industry. Our Base Station and Subscriber Stations products support the full range of 2.3-2.7Ghz, 3.3-3.8Ghz and 4.9-5.8Ghz frequencies. This fleet of products enables WiMAX Operators like you to offer wireless broadband services to residential and enterprise users, as well as users who are constantly on the move. The products are fully compliant with the 802.16e-2005 standard and deliver excellent radio frequency performance and high capacity throughput.

FRC is currently shipping its WiMAX products to service providers all over the world. During the past few years, we have deployed more than one thousand Base Stations and tens of thousands of subscriber stations. These service provider companies selected the FRC WiMAX MAX solution for its ease of deployment, network scalability, and high-throughput capacity. Operators can offer differentiated services through QoS for bandwidth-hungry applications such as voice and video.

“We are pleased to extend to our valued customers an extensive product offering and tailored solutions for their state-of-the-art wireless network,” said Dr. Ahmed Hady, President and CEO. Dr. Hady continued, “We recognize the benefits of our WiMAX technology suite designed specifically for the 3.65GHz band. We intend to continue our development to target other geographic areas for the deployment of WiMAX and to identify the most appropriate long-term technology road map which could include the migration of WiMAX to LTE using TD-LTE.”

“The primary aim has always been our commitment to meeting our customers’ network needs and we continue to grow and advance our offering in line with this principle,” said Mohamed Raji, Sr. Vice President. “We offer a flexible, powerful line-up of the latest 802.16e wireless broadband solutions that are designed to support the growth of our customers in a variety of carrier and vertical markets. We are excited about our new line of 4G products and offerings.”

About FRC
FRC, a US manufacturer of broadband wireless and avionics products, was founded in 1977 and is one of the world’s premier suppliers of avionics components. The company’s expertise is based on its significant experience in RF and microwave products, software development and precision manufacturing. FRC is headquartered in Gainesville, Florida with additional business locations in the United States, Portugal, Taiwan and the MENA region (Egypt, Dubai and Jordan). (